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The best guarantees in the business!

Money-Back Guarantee

All star, bulls-eye, half-moon, combination and wing breaks will become 75-100% optically clear after repair. Each of these breaks, is guaranteed in writing, not to spread or discolor for as long as you own your vehicle or your money back!  The majority of the repairs we perform are 90-100% optically clear once repaired and cured.

We Break it / We Buy It

We offer the only "We break it, we buy it guarantee" in the country. If we break your windshield during repair, we will pay your deductible to replace it. If you do not have insurance, we will pay to have your windshield replaced at the shop of our choice. Even the largest replacement companies which offer repair, may only offer the credit value of the repair cost towards the purchase of a new windshield if they break yours during repair. Some even ask you to sign a waiver of responsibility and give no guarantee at all. 

Radial Crack Guarantee

All radial cracks up to twelve inches are guaranteed not to spread or discolor for one year after the repair or your money back, although it may never spread. We do not give a replacement guarantee on radial crack repair since technically, it is already broken.

90-Day, Free Repair Guarantee

Another America's Windshield Repairô innovation.  If your windshield gets damaged again within 90 days after we have performed a repair, give us a call and we will repair it for free for up to three repairs!  How's that for value? You should never have to pay for our services more than four times a year.  It is unlikely that you will need our services on a quarterly basis, but if you do, you're covered!

See our Repairable Breaks page to identify all the types of damage described above.


Why repair? | What's Repairable | Repair Demo | FAQ | Replacement  

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