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Your windshield provides key structural support for your vehicle and can cost $200 - $2,300 to replace.  Why would anyone not repair minor damage?  It only makes sense to repair it as soon as possible.  America's Windshield Repair will only provide you with honest, dependable information about this service, the absolute best repairs and we guarantee everything we do.  How many windshields have you seen like this one?   

The crack in this windshield started with a bulls-eye, if it had been repaired immediately,  the owner could have saved over $300.00!


We've been serving automobile owners since 1989 and have made many improvements to the equipment, techniques and value of the service by consistently asking, "how can we do it better?" 

Today, the majority of our repairs  clear 90-100% and we have had less than a dozen repairs fail, out of the thousands of windshields we have repaired.  Although the damage can virtually disappear after an A.W.R. repair, not all will.  We do not want to give you a false impression that all breaks will completely disappear, but it is very common with our materials and techniques.  


See How it is done!

This is an easy repair for us.

Most repairs clear 90-100%

You only have one chance to repair a windshield properly.  If it is not done correctly, it can not be "touched up" later.  We've always specialized in windshield repair and we will do the job right the first time while providing the service you expect and more.

On-Site Service

We provide free mobile service to a large area of Houston, our technicians arrive in marked vehicles.  

We can repair up to eight breaks in your windshield or multiple vehicles at one time. We'll inspect your windshield for hidden damage and clean your entire windshield thoroughly.

Once repaired, you can wash or drive your vehicle.   

Fast, professional service every time!

Our Guarantees

Windshield repair is not considered a claim with insurance companies!

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