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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much will the damage show after repair?
A. The majority of our repairs clear over 90% leaving only a slight blemish.  Some may be completely undetectable.
     Every break is different.  Our technicians can give you the best estimates when you call.

Q. Does having a cracked windshield effect inspections?

A. If a break spreads into a crack that is in your direct line of vision, it is not supposed to pass inspection.

Q. Can I get a ticket for having a cracked windshield?
A. Believe it or not, Yes!  Texas has laws for having a cracked windshield, another reason to have it repaired first.

Q. Will the break spread further after repair?
A. No.  Once we repair your windshield, the repaired glass will actually be stronger than the original glass. Please see our guarantee  page for more details.

Q. Will my insurance pay for the repair and is it considered a claim?
A. Most insurance companies will waive your deductible and pay for the repair in full and do not consider it a claim. Click here for more information.

My windshield was previously repaired, but the break did not clear as much as I thought it would. Can the quality of the repair be made better?
A. Sorry, there are no "second chances" with windshield repair.  It must be repaired correctly the first time.

Q. Do I have to worry about damage near the edge of the windshield?
A. Yes! Damage near the edges will spread the fastest due to stress caused by body movement and vibration. Some breaks can even spread in a mater of minutes.

Q.  Are you like the guys on the side of the road? 

A.  Absolutely not!  The guys on the side of the road are there, mostly because of a lack of business knowledge or because they bought their equipment from a company that was more interested in selling equipment than they were in properly training people to be in business.  It is a sad fact that people have their windshields repaired there, because they simply do not know where to go.  We hope to change this one day.  It makes professionals look bad.  These people are here today, gone tomorrow, along with their guarantees.


Tips on Chips

Many factors cause stone-damaged to spread. Here are a few and steps you can take to keep your windshield from spreading until it is repaired.

Try to avoid potholes and drive slowly over railroad tracks. Rough roads and railroad crossings produce strain on the windshield and will cause it to crack or spread further.

Heat builds pressure in your vehicle and presses on the convex side of the windshield. Leave your windows down a half an inch or open your sunroof slightly when parked in the sun until you have it repaired.

If your vehicles windshield is hot and damaged, do not wash it, have it repaired first. The sudden change in temperature can cause a damaged windshield to crack quickly.

cool weather, using your defrost or defogger setting on hot can make a damaged windshield crack suddenly. Use a cool setting on high until your windshield is defrosted.

Beware of Water?

If your vehicle has been washed or rained on, the break may have absorbed water which does not mix with our repair resin.  Park your vehicle in the sun, let your windows down slightly and let it dry naturally.  We can dry bulls eye and combination breaks with a special tool, but we have found other types of damage spread further or crack when using the tool.

If there is rain in the forecast...
Place a small piece of packing or electrical tape over the damage to keep water and dirt out of the break until you have it repaired.  No other tape will do. 

Avoid mounting accessories with suction cups, such as radar detectors and notepads to the windshield. This can cause stress on the windshield, adjusting these items can cause it to crack. Also avoid adjusting you're your rearview mirror too much if the damage is near its mount.

Damage that is repaired soon after it occurs is always less visible than damage that is exposed to the elements and road grime. Don't procrastinate have your windshield repaired soon!

Taking action can make or "Break" the life of your windshield.

If you have a question or comment, please feel free to let us know.


Why repair? | Repairable Breaks | Repair DemoGuarantees | Replacement 

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